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As an outdoor junkie living on the west coast, I hit the lifestyle jackpot. Mountains, forests, oceans, and beaches… I've got it all right at my fingertips!

But with every adventure comes a downside… For me, the downside is the cost of outdoor gear, especially shoes.

So when I came across the Tropicfeel All Terrain sneakers I had to give them a try.

Updated May 21, 2024: Tropicfeel has a Limited Time Offer → Click HERE

Staff Pick

Tropicfeel Monsoon Render

Monsoon Almond White

Quick Dry | All Terrain | Lightweight

Light-weight & water-friendly sneakers comfortable on all terrains.

What I Love About Tropicfeel

  • Aesthetic & Design They're cool enough to wear with jeans, dresses, and on hikes.
  • Comfort These sneakers are super lightweight and have ultra-cushioned soles.
  • Performance There's a shoe for all different types of terrain and activities.
  • Quality After dozens of hikes, swims, and washes, they're still performing great.

Staff Pick

Tropicfeel Monsoon Render

Monsoon Almond White

Quick Dry | All Terrain | Lightweight

Light-weight & water-friendly sneakers comfortable on all terrains.

Tested & Approved

Tropicfeel creates top-of-the line footwear that prioritizes Comfort, Usability, and Quality. They're comfortable enough for all terrains and come in a bunch of cool colors.

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After wearing my Tropicfeel shoes for a couple of seasons, let me tell you why I love them.

They Are VERY Comfortable & Super Lightweight

When the package arrived at my doorstep, the first thing I noticed was how light the box was. I had my iPhone in one hand and the shoe box in the other… my phone felt heavier.

As soon as I slipped them, they immediately felt different than any other shoe I've worn. They felt so light, airy and supportive — a rare combination to find in an everyday outdoor shoe!

And for the first time, I finally understood what people meant when they talked about something being "breathable".

These sneakers are made with 3D-engineered fabric, which basically means that's stretchy enough to bend with my foot without losing support while also while maintaining a lightweight performance feel.

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You Can Swim in Them and Stay Dry

In the summer, I wore them on a hike to a glacier lake. The ground was a mixture of uneven slippery rock and gravel.

Even though the full-grip rubber soles are cushioned and supportive, they have a flat bottom. This stops rocks and other junk from getting stuck in the padding keeping my feet and knees pain-free.

Once we got to the lake it was time to test them out in the water. I had opted for a water-friendly, but not waterproof, version made with quick-dry materials and built-in drainage. I got them totally submerged, and after about 10 minutes out of the water they were 99.9% dry.

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No Socks & No Smell

It doesn't matter if I wear my Tropicfeels with thick socks or if I go barefoot, the 3D mesh material lets my feet breathe.

I love going barefoot in my shoes… but what I don't love is the smell on a hot summer day when I have to take my shoes off. With the All Terrain Sneakers the mesh runs around the entire perimeter, so air circulates around your entire foot keeping it cool, dry & smell free.

Tropicfeel Canyon Render
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Not Your Dad's Hiking Boot

The Tropicfeel All Terrain Sneakers come in a bunch of different colors, but I got the Monsoon Almond White.

They're not chunky or too in-your-face, which I like. They're slim and fitted and look more like street shoes than outdoor adventure shoes. (I admit I wear them almost everywhere…)

These shoes have become my go-to pair for most activities… I wear them with jeans, casual dresses, and workout clothes.

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Look Brand New in Seconds: Cleaning is so Easy

Yes, I chose an almost-white pair of adventure shoes. And yes, they do get dirty. But… they are SO EASY to clean.

I just toss them into the machine to wash on delicate and then hang dry… and after about six months of doing this, they still haven't lost their shape.

So leave me alone. I like white shoes… I think they look cute… k next topic.

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Good for Your Feet… and the Environment

As a tree-hugging nature-lover, my favorite part about these shoes (not including the obvious performance, look & feel) is that they're eco-friendly and made by a sustainability focussed company.

Each shoe is made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles.

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So Should You Buy Them?

I'm always hesitant to try a new pair of shoes. But after checking out their website and seeing the thousands of positive reviews, it was a no-brainer.

The reviews were full of people talking about how comfortable they were and how easy they are to clean, and that was enough for me to make the jump.

After giving Tropicfeel a go, I can honestly say that they live up to the hype.

If you want to see how they feel, Tropicfeel has a 30-day refund/exchange policy. Check out the waterproof and water-friendly options on their website.

Your feet (and the planet) will thank you!

4.5 / 5

Staff Pick

Tropicfeel Monsoon Render

Monsoon Almond White

4.5 / 5

Water Friendly | Quick Dry | Lightweight | Slip Resistant

All terrain water-friendly sneakers that are lightweight and comfortable.


Tropicfeel Ecommerce Render

Canyon Night Blue

Water Friendly | Quick Dry | Superior Comfort | Slip Resistant

Slip resistant all-terrain sneakers with 3D dual cushioning.


Tropicfeel Green Render

Geyser Great D. Green

Waterproof | Quick Dry | Superior Comfort | Ultimate Traction

Comfortable waterproof sneakers that act like hiking boots and rain boots in one.

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