Best Backyard Accessories Must Have 2024

Ever looked at a backyard and thought, "It's time for a change?" You don't need a massive renovation to breathe new life into your personal outdoors — just one or two smart purchases can completely change the way you see and experience the space!

And we have some brilliant finds to do just that — including efficient smokeless fire pits, comfy lounge chairs, versatile coolers, durable outdoor speakers, and so much more. So join us on this journey of backyard renaissance and your outdoor space will ever be the same again!

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Fire Pit Pizza Oven: Solo Stove

If you already have a Solo Stove smokepess fire pit, the Solo Stove Pi Fire is a brillaint addition: mount this over the fire pit to add outdoor pizza cooking to your arsenal. It comes in three sizes to match whichever Solo Stove fire pit is in your yard (the compact Ranger, mid-size Bonfire, and the big 'ol Yukon) and includes a handy carrying case and a pair of heat-resisitant gloves so that you can safely handle this whole affair even when everything's getting toasty.

From $259 at Solo Stove
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Smokeless Fire Pit: Breeo

The X30 fire pit from the X Series is the ultimate grilling machine, designed to take your outdoor parties to the next level. Not only does the X30 excel in grilling capabilities, but it also delivers on durability and convenience. This fire pit offers compatibility with a versatile grilling system, expanding your cooking options and providing added versatility. Crafted with high-quality corten or stainless steel, it ensures long-lasting performance, even under demanding conditions.

From $399 at Breeo

Rectangular Fire Pit: Tiki Brand

Why do all these fire pits have to be round? Tiki's portable fire pit uses a practical rectangular design that'll pack into your vehicle for easy fires on the go. With its removable ash pan, cleaning up after use is a breeze, ensuring a hassle-free experience every time. This fire pit radiates a large and robust flame, providing warmth and creating a cozy atmosphere with its impressive 4-foot heat radius. Included with the fire pit is a convenient stand, allowing you to set it up wherever you please.

$295 at Tiki
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Square Mammoth Patio Fire Pit: Blue Sky

The 28" Square Mammoth Smokeless Patio Fire Pit offers an efficient smokeless burn with its heavy-duty double-wall steel that it improves airflow and durability. The extended bezel promotes a better smokeless burn. Its square shape maximizes firewood capacity, holding 10-12 logs. The lift-out ash catch and grate ensure easy cleanup. This fire pit can be fueled with standard firewood or wood pellets.

$530 at Blue Sky

Bluetooth-Integrated Fire Pit: BioLite

BioLite brings innovation and sustainability to the outdoor equipment industry. Among their creations is a fire pit with a 12,800 mAh power pack, 51 airjets for improved combustion, and a removable grill grate for versatile cooking. It also includes folding legs for portability and Bluetooth integration for easy control. With an X-Ray Mesh design for heat radiation and visual aesthetics, this fire pit enhances any outdoor experience.

$300 at BioLite

Height-Adjustable Fire Pit: Burly

The GATHER Matt Black 21" Fire Pit and Grill Feature bundle offers a discounted price for convenience. The fire pit is made from heavy gauge carbon steel, while the grill feature is constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel. The grill easily attaches to the fire pit's flange and swivels for convenience. It has adjustable height for temperature control and fits inside the unit for easy storage or travel and the 18-inch grill grate provides ample cooking surface. Enjoy the versatility of this bundle for cooking your favorite foods outdoors.

$975 at Burly

Adirondack Set: Pollywood

Pollywood offers a durable and sustainable outdoor furniture set featuring two Vineyard Curveback Adirondack Chairs and an 18" Round Side Table. Constructed from high-quality lumber with a blend of sustainable landfill-bound and ocean-bound plastics, the set stands up to various climates without splintering or rotting. The comfortable, oversized chairs and handy side table require minimal maintenance and come with a generous 20-year residential warranty. With Pollywood, you can enjoy outdoor comfort that stands the test of time.

$649 at Pollywood
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Mosquito Repellant: ThermaCell

Enhance your outdoor experience with the Thermacell EX90 Mosquito Repellent, offering up to 9 hours of continuous protection on a single charge, thanks to its long-lasting lithium-ion battery. This compact and portable device creates a massive 20-foot mosquito-free zone, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without the worry of pesky bites. Unique features include rubber over-mold for durability, an IP54 rating, LED status indicators, and audio cues for seamless operation. You can also easily check the remaining repellent through a quick-view window.

$50 at ThermaCell
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Cooler: Yeti

Renowned for durability and superior cooling, YETI coolers stand as a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Constructed from high-density polyethylene, these coolers feature a freezer-grade gasket to seal in cold and high-quality insulation for exceptional temperature retention. They come equipped with durable lid latches for secure closure and strong handles for easy carrying. Certified bear-resistant, YETI coolers offer peace of mind during your cozy outdoor evenings, proving to be an unbeatable companion for backyard BBQs or rugged excursions.

$500 at Yeti

Lawn Mowers + Mulcher: Sun Joe

Upgrade your lawn maintenance with the Sun Joe MJ403E, a 17-inch electric lawn mower that eliminates the need for gas, oil, and carbon emissions. Activated with just a push of a button, its robust 13-amp motor mows a 17-inch path in one pass. A 7-position lever lets you customize the cutting height from 0.98 to 2.87 inches. Despite weighing a mere 31.5 lbs, it features sturdy wheels that enhance maneuverability. The spacious 12-gallon rear bag collects ample clippings for clean mowing and detaches for easy disposal.

$209 at Sun Joe
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Speakers: Bose

Elevate your outdoor audio with Bose's premium 251 wall-mounted outdoor speakers, designed to transform your outdoor spaces into an audio haven. These speakers deliver a sound field that defies the confines of conventional outdoor speakers. Every note is brought to life with two finely-tuned drivers, ensuring consistent stereo effects. Also, the speakers seamlessly mount onto your exterior walls, ready to fill your outdoor spaces with unparalleled sound.

$398 at Bose

Patio Lights: Enbrighten

Illuminate your outdoors like never before with the Enbrighten Smart Landscape Lights. These high-quality, mini-landscape lights can be conveniently controlled and personalized through the Enbrighten app and connect via Wi-Fi. These lights aren't just smart, they're dynamic! Choose from 56 colors, dual and tri-color combinations, six white light shades, and an array of presets and custom modes.

$300 at Enbrighten

Outdoor Heater: Fire Sense

The Aqua Blue Powder Coated Patio Heater is a sturdy and stylish choice to extend your backyard entertaining season. With 46,000 BTU's of heat and easy mobility, it runs on a standard 20 lb. propane tank. The aqua blue powder coated finish adds a vibrant splash of color, perfect for a poolside patio environment. It includes a tip-over protection safety feature for added peace of mind. Elevate your outdoor space with this powerful and eye-catching patio heater from Fire Sense.

$215 at Balkene

Why Solo Stove Stands Above the Rest

When considering the transformative journey that backyards can undergo, one brand stands out in particular: Solo Stove. This powerhouse of innovation brings more than just equipment to your backyard, it brings a lifestyle. With a focus on efficiency, versatility, and an enhanced outdoor experience, Solo Stove transforms ordinary backyard moments into cherished memories.

Indeed, Solo Stove does more than make your backyard lovable again—it makes it irresistible.

Whether it's the inviting warmth of their smokeless fire pits or the culinary versatility of the Pi Fire oven, every product stands testament to their commitment to quality and user experience. By choosing Solo Stove, you're not just buying an accessory; you're investing in a better, more enjoyable backyard experience.

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