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  • BodyStack is an exclusive membership for the health conscious
  • BodyStack members can gain access to research and recommendations from industry experts
  • Members get to buy like industry insiders with VIP perks and discounts from health, fitness and supplement companies

If you're committed to living a longer, healthier life, there's a unique and exclusive membership you might want to consider: BodyStack. Beyond personal longevity health benefits, it can provide direct, tangible benefits to your overall wellness journey (and your wallet).

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What Is BodyStack?

BodyStack is a private membership platform designed to provide members with health and wellness recommendations. Launched earlier in 2024, BodyStack aims to make longevity more accessible and understandable.

If BodyStack sounds intriguing, read on to learn more about how it works.

Despite its recent inception, it has quickly gained traction, building partnerships with various health and wellness service providers.

Benefits of BodyStack Membership

BodyStack offers a wide range of benefits categorized into goal-oriented health recommendations, community support, and access to expert resources.

Goal-Oriented Health & Fitness Recommendations

BodyStack delivers tailored advice on supplements, sleep optimization, fitness routines, and more, ensuring that each member's unique health needs are matched with expert advice.

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Expert Insights

BodyStack provides access to expert-backed insights, helping members make informed decisions about their health and wellness routines. The articles and product recommendations are conveniently organized by goal-oriented categories closely tied to longevity which include:

  • Improve Cardiorespiratory Health
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Increase Functional Strength
  • Improve Deep Sleep
  • Reduce Emotional Stress & Anxiety
  • Lean Bulking
  • Detoxify Your Body
  • more
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Activate Your Trial Membership Right Now

Wellness Benefits and Discounts

BodyStack partners with various health and wellness service providers, offering members discounts and exclusive deals on products and services, notable examples include:

Why We Love Bodystack

  • Supplements: Discounts on top-rated health supplements tailored to individual needs. In some cases BodyStack has direct partnerships with specific Supplement companies, but as a fall-back, BodyStack has a "Supplement Hub" on a third-party supplement dispensary that has 300+ high quality supplement brands in stock like that of Thorne, PerfectAmino, and and you receive a 35% discount. Many people will make back their membership fee in 2-3 months from the Supplement Hub alone.
  • Testing: Access to specialized at-home biological testing programs like AgeRate (35%) and GlycanAge (30%) and metabolic biomarker tests like that of InsiderTracker (10%).
  • Relaxation & Recovery Devices: Access to discounted products like the Apollo Neuro ($40 off), Vital Neuro ($100 off), Whoop (10%), Fringe Red Light panels (20% off), Therasage Personal Saunas (25% off), VeRelief (20% off) and 15% off Hyperice Normantic Go leg sleeves.

Claim Your Membership Savings

Build Your Dream Gym

If the time has come to build out your home gym, this is one of the places where a BodyStack membership can INSTANTLY show it's value. Here are just a few of the savings members will see on some major purchases:

  • Vitruvian (10% or $300 off)
  • $125 off select NordicTrack and ProForm treadmills and ellipticals
  • PowerBlock (10% off)
  • and Garmin (10% off)
  • and many, many, many more

21 Day Free Trial Now Available

Prospective members can enjoy a complimentary 21 day trial (no credit card required). Trial members will gain immediate access to BodyStack's range of benefits and resources.

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Membership Costs and Fees

BodyStack offers a single membership tier of $199/year. The investment is designed to offer significant value, easily outweighing the cost through the comprehensive health and lifestyle benefits provided. The expectation is that if you are someone who takes 4-6 supplements a day, and allocate annual spend toward health and fitness products and services, that BodyStack will generate a 200%+ return on annual investment.

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BodyStack Membership

Elevate your health and wellness journey. Stop chasing longevity and live it. BodyStack gives you the tools, knowledge, and support to live your healthiest, best life.

Maximize Member Savings


  • Whoop - 10% off the Whoop 4.0 and annual membership
  • Garmin - 10% off the Venu 3 fitness tracker
  • Apollo Neuro - $40 off the Apollo vagus nerve stimulator

Food Delivery

  • HungryRoot - 40% off your first delivery over $99
  • Forages - 20% off sprouting kits
  • Purple Carrot - $30 off meal plans

Relaxation & Recovery

  • VeRelief - 20% off the VeRelief prime sleep and relaxation device
  • Polar Monkeys - $200 off their Brainpod 2.0 cold plunge
  • Sidekick - 15% off the swerve muscle scraper
  • Fringe - 20% off their red light therapy wrap
  • Hyperice - 15% off the Normatec Go compression sleeves

Cognitive Function

  • Muse Headband - 20% off smart headband for meditation and sleep improvement
  • Sensate - 20% off the Sensate device for stress relief and relaxation
  • Vital Neuro - $100 off the Vital Neuro


  • Glycan Age - 30% off one biological age test and consultation
  • InsideTracker - 10% off InsideTracker Ultimate+ Membership

Hormone Optimization

  • Science&Humans - 40% off weight solution services and treatments


  • AVI - 30% off all gear and apparel
  • Ra Optics - 10% off Maxwell Sunset Glasses


  • ProForm - $125 off off the Carbon EL Elliptical, Pro 9000 Treadmill, and Pro 2000 Treadmill
  • NordicTrack - $125 off the RW900 Rower, Fusion CST Studio, S22i Studio Bike, and AirGlide 14i Elliptical
  • Virtruvian - 10% off the Vitruvian Trainer+
  • Jaquish Biomedical - $75 off the X3 Bar Elite


  • VKTRY - 15% off Gold VK Carbon Figer Performance Insoles
  • HVMN - 30% off monthly subscription to Ketone-IQ
  • Pulse - 15% off the Pulse Device
  • Saga - 15% off The BFR Cuffs
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Get Serious, Get Started

BodyStack offers a unique opportunity for anyone serious about enhancing their health and longevity. With its personalized approach, expert insights, and supportive community, BodyStack stands out as a valuable investment in your wellness journey. With their no-credit card required 21 day trial, we recommend signing up to see how much you can actually save on your annual spend.

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